Service take delivery of all new tractors and inspect and test them thoroughly before we deliver to our customers.  In addition we recommend that our customers allow us to check the working of all major components under field conditions for a few hours. This is optional, but it ensures that all is in good order on delivery and reduces the teething problems that customers are likely to experience later on.

When we deliver tractors we run through the use and maintenance schedule with our customers to ensure that they know exactly what essential maintenance must be carried out to get the best performance and life expectancy of all components. have devised our own simple but effective computer based maintenance schedule for your tractor under Kenyan conditions. This is especially useful for fleet operators. Simply get someone to fill in the program each time a component is serviced and note the total hours clocked for each tractor weekly and the program will tell you which parts are due to be serviced shortly, or overdue for service.

Foton tractors come with a comprehensive operatorís manual and complete and very clear spare parts book, both for the engine and other components. Our philosophy is to prevent problems BEFORE they occur by good maintenance, and give you (or your local workshop) the means to service and repair your tractor. This reduces running costs and down time. will keep reconditioned units of some components ready for immediate dispatch to customers by courier. This will simplify the servicing that has to be done at the farm level as well as reducing down time as customers will simply have to exchange the entire unit rather than attempt service in the field.

If you do have problems with your tractor that you cannot solve yourself, we have approved service agents in different areas to give customers the quickest service and best value for money. Since service agents are independent of you are at liberty to shop around to obtain competitive quotes from different service agents, thereby ensuring that you do not pay over the top for service. Please note that service agents are independent of and we cannot take responsibility for their actions or workmanship.